Isaiah Thomas Ejected After Going into Stands to Confront 76ers Fans

Stephen Douglas

Isaiah Thomas was ejected from the Washington Wizards loss in Philadelphia on Saturday night. Thomas was taken out of the game with 2:53 remaining and ended up walking into the stands to talk to two 76ers fans. IT was ejected and the fans were escorted out. [Update below]

With the Wizards down 17 and the game basically over, it's understandable that Thomas would be frustrated. In any other situation, he would have probably ignored them, but these are the types of circumstances that lead to thinks like the Malice at the Palace. No matter what the fans said, IT will likely be looking at a fine and/or suspension for this.

UPDATE: After the game, Isaiah Thomas explained his version of events. According to IT, one of the fans was yelling "f--- you, b----h" and giving him double-middle fingers. IT went and talked to him about it and that's when it really got wild.

The fan was mad because if Thomas had missed both free throws, fans would have gotten a free Frosty from Wendy's. According to the Internet, a large Frosty costs $2.99.