Is Stephen A. Smith Going to Be in Space Jam 2?

Bobby Burack

Before the debates even got started today on First TakeStephen A. Smith dropped a bombshell. Along with his schedule that consists of appearing on ESPN all day, he is now in a movie. An animation movie, to be specific. I know what you are thinking right about now, but please first watch the video:

Now, like the rest of the internet, you can speculate Stephen A. will have a role in Space Jam 2. It just makes too much sense that he will join a basketball movie filled with superstars and Monstars.

Maybe we even get to see him lay it all out on the court? I’d be down.

Looking over other upcoming films as possibilities, nothing else really fits the media star. Though, a role in Ghostbusters 3 would sure have me booking my movie ticket early. At this time, we will consider a cameo in Godzilla vs. Kong a long shot.

Let’s be real, whatever film it is, Stephen A. is facing some pressure. Inevitably, as soon as he is seen on the big screen, the comparisons to fellow ESPN-er Matthew Berry will start swarming in. Yes, that Matthew Berry from Avengers: Endgame.