Is Kawhi Leonard Really Going to do This Lakers Thing?


Kevin Durant’s is going to the Brooklyn Nets. Now, all eyes are on Kawhi Leonard. Several reports have surfaced within the last hour regarding the Finals MVP.

There appears to be a lot of momentum in the Los Angeles Lakers’ direction. Cris Carter, who knows Leonard as much as anyone, believes it is now a two-team race with the Clippers out of it. Chris Broussard has been told Leonard is the Lakers “to lose.”

It’s bizarre to envision a player coming off one of the best postseason performance in recent years to elect to take the type of backseat Leonard would have to with the Lakers. Despite being better than LeBron James at this point, this is and always will be James’ team. The team will also always play through James as the more natural play-maker. Leonard could even have to settle for the third option if Klutch Sports’ Anthony Davis is looked at as the Robin. And with Durant no longer apart of the Warriors, it makes even less sense to go form a super team. The NBA will be as wide open as it has been in a decade; Leonard’s decision pending.

Leonard can lead both the Raptors – again – and the Clippers to a title as the top option next season. Both teams would also provide a much better environment than the dramatic, unpredictable, and nerve-wracking franchise that has become the Lakers. He doesn’t seem to care, but going to the Lakers would also be detrimental to his legacy as the Warriors were to Durant’s.