Is It Weird That LeBron Is Working Out With Dwyane Wade in Miami? [VIDEO]

Ryan Glasspiegel

LeBron James is on a break from the cold in Miami this week; the Cavs last played on Monday versus Indiana, and don’t have another game until Friday, so this isn’t like last year when he took a couple weeks off to recuperate there.

Nevertheless, it’s a little bit of a weird look that while LeBron is taking veiled shots, presumably at teammates, on social media while working out with Dwyane Wade in Miami. These videos originated on the Snapchat of the trainer David Alexander.

Everybody knows that LeBron and Wade have been friends for a long time, and that they work out together in the offseason, but it’s nonetheless strange that they’re socializing when they might face each other in the playoffs in a few weeks. I’m not one of those people who says players can’t be friends with ones on other teams, but it feels like a different dynamic when it’s during the season like this.

Oddly, it’s likely to be interpreted as more of an indictment on LeBron, whose team has a better record than Wade’s, but on the other hand Wade isn’t the one struggling to fit in temperamentally with his co-stars. Also, LeBron is the one who traveled South.

It’s still more likely than not that the Cavs will win the Eastern Conference, but the Warriors are a juggernaut that it doesn’t seem like Cleveland’s team, as presently assembled, can beat. Whatever happens with LeBron and the Cavs, there is sure to be drama.

UPDATE: Wade weighs in: