Is 'Industry' a Younger, Darker 'Succession'?

Stephen Douglas

Industry, HBO's prestige-ish drama about young investment bankers in London, wrapped its second season on Monday night. It was another season of cut-throat businessing at Pierpoint with familiar faces in new roles throughout the, uh, industry. Kyle Koster and Stephen Douglas sat down to talk about the first two seasons on the latest episode of The Big Stream.

We are both fans of the show, having come to it at various times. Kyle was there on day one as Harper, Yasmin, Gus and Robert interviewed for their jobs, but I came to the show late, having literally never heard of it before a couple months ago. One binge later and I'm ready for an afterwork bevvie and a nice motocycle ride at a country wedding.

How much do we both hate the characters? Quite a bit overall as they are all pretty bad people. But the Pierpoint gang work in a notoriously callous industry where you'll do anything for an edge so you can get ahead. It's like some people only do things for money. And sex. And drugs. And power. And that's what makes the show so addicting.

Yes, we compare it to Succession quite a bit. It's about hardcore biz and features a deep bench of unlikable characters, but doesn't quite have the humor that its spiritual HBO sibling has. One of the biggest differences is the young, talented and mostly unknown cast. Industry does a lot and it's a good watch, but will it ever reach the heights of modern prestige viewing? We'll have to check back next season. For now, here's what's good about a show that's mostly about being bad.