Is Gordon Hayward Even Worthy of a Jersey Burning Video?

Kyle Koster

Gordon Hayward is off to the Boston Celtics after spending the first seven years of his career with the Utah Jazz. He’ll bring his 15.7 points per game career scoring average and one All-Star appearance over to the Eastern Conference and team up with his old coach, Brad Stevens. Together they may even force a sixth game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The future is bright in Boston.

The same cannot be said about Utah, and the pulse of the fan reflects the dire situation.

On one hand, it’s amazing a player of Hayward’s milquetoast-ness could inspire such passion. On the other, it’s tough to believe such fiery blowback is entirely authentic. Maybe these people just firmly dislike The Players Tribune. Or were setting fireworks off on the Fourth of July and decided, hey, this garment will burn and online fame is forever.

One thing’s for sure. Hayward getting the jersey-torching treatment lowers the bar for future incidents. How low can this thing go? Dennis Schröder? Reggie Jackson?

Something to keep an eye on.