Is Giannis Antetokounmpo in an Early Edition-Type Situation?

Kyle Koster
Miami Heat v Milwaukee Bucks - Game Five
Miami Heat v Milwaukee Bucks - Game Five / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Giannis Antetokounmpo has won his second consecutive NBA MVP award, which puts him in exclusive company. The sporting world found this out today. The Greek Freak apparently had the news yesterday. In a print edition of The New York Times. Delivered only to him. With drastically different typeface.

There is something profoundly fishy going on here. Antetokounmpo himself posted evidence of this bizarre space-time continuum. Zooming in on the Times, we can see that it's dated Thursday, September something (my zoom isn't the best). But today is Friday!

This is where my training comes in and I can tell everyone not to freak out too much. We've seen this before. Back in the 1990s, a guy named Gary Hobson used to receive a Chicago Sun-Times from the future. Call it an Early Edition if you will. He was then tasked with saving the day with this advanced knowledge.

Partly because he was a good guy and partly because Kyle Chandler is so profoundly likable that it's not believable to see him up to nefarious deeds. Giannis really slipped up here. Hobson was only able to continue on in his quest because he kept a tight inner circle. If news that he had this magical power had gotten out, it would have been curtains. In fact, I think that's why the series was eventually canceled.

Major misstep here. Bound to spark some investigations into knowing all the scores of all the games before they happen.