Is Fox Sports Announcing it Has Hired Andy Roddick and Stolen Bomani Jones From ESPN? [UPDATE]

By Jason McIntyre

Fox Sports has notified the media it will be making a “major coverage” announcement at 12:30 pm today. What could it be?

Here are a couple guesses, based on discussions I’ve had with industry-types over the last few weeks. Repeat: These are guesses, and nothing has been confirmed.

1) Fox Sports will announce that it has stolen Bomani Jones from ESPN. Jones, who is regularly featured on Around the Horn, Dan LeBatard’s Show and Outside the Lines, is rumored to have signed a deal with Fox Sports recently. Some say this is his last week at ESPN. [UPDATEApril 10 – Fox thought it had Jones. ESPN thought it lost Jones. But he’s staying at ESPN, apparently to do Around the Horn and Dan LeBatard’s TV and/or radio show.]

2) Fox Sports will announce that it has hired Andy Roddick, the recently-retired tennis player. Roddick supposedly will be connected with Fox’s nighttime show that wants to steal viewers from Sportscenter.

3) Fox Sports will announce something Tim McCarver-related. Are they going to extend his contract another year or two? The guess here is he’s staying (though that wouldn’t be my decision if I were making it).

4) There’s plenty circulating in the rumor mill about the Regis Philbin show, but I don’t think today’s announcement is Regis-related, at least according to people who have interviewed for a spot on the show. A prominent comedian has been linked to the show, as has a SI Swimsuit model.