Here's Luka Garza's Tearful Exit From College Basketball

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Luka Garza's remarkable collegiate career came to an end Monday afternoon as his Iowa Hawkeyes couldn't stop a blistering Oregon offensive attack. The 6-foot-11 center was his usual unstoppable self, pouring in 36 points in the losing effort. Upon being removed from the game in the final minute, he drew a standing ovation from the assembled crowd and was congratulated by friend and foe alike while the tears flowed.

The finality of the NCAA Tournament and how it ends in disappointment for 67 of the 68 teams is an under-considered part of the process. It hits every player differently and on a unique timetable. It's a giant party that everyone has to leave before they want to and on unpleasant terms.

Garza is now primed to knock down 20-footers in the NBA for the next decade and become a fan favorite for whichever fanbase is lucky enough to bring him in (Pistons please).