Investigation: Did Paul Finebaum Get Eaten By a Gigantic Bird on Television?

Bobby Burack

Like most sports fans, this morning I was getting ready to watch Paul Finebaum talk some college football on Get Up. But before his segment concluded, a frightening event took place when arguably the largest bird ever flew behind him. Okay, maybe that isn’t a bird and maybe it was not flying behind him but instead coming to eat him.

If you look closely, this thing, what we are now calling it, looks as if it was coming full speed at Mr. Finebaum with some bad intentions.

We here at The Big Lead are particularly worried about this flying thing for a few reasons. For one, Finebaum is scheduled to record a podcast with us soon and, well, you just saw what happened. Also, this terrifying creature is still loose – as far as we know – and was heading in the direction of Minute Media’s New York office.

Bristol sounds pretty good right now doesn’t it, cool ESPN kids in New York City?