'Inside the NBA' Had a Short, Disappointing Conversation About Marcus Morris' 'Female Tendencies' Comments

Stephen Douglas
2018 NBA Awards - Inside
2018 NBA Awards - Inside / Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

The New York Knicks and Memphis Grizzlies got into a shoving match towards the end of New York's latest embarrassing loss on Tuesday. After the game, New York's lead tough guy Marcus Morris said that Jae Crowder had "female tenancies." On Thursday night the Inside the NBA crew briefly discussed Morris' comments. It's probably a good thing they did it on their way to a commercial.

Barkley bemoaned the fact that "you can't say what you want." Meanwhile, Shaq defended Morris by saying, "That's not what he meant" and "we all know what he meant coming from the hood." He even says you can "say it another way, but you can't say it like he said it."

It's no wonder TNT didn't go back to the subject after the break to have Shaq explain how you can say it because I'm guessing there is no way to say "it" in an acceptable manner.

Days after TNT's excellent and therapeutic work following the death of Kobe, this was one of Inside the NBA's ugliest moments. In the midst of uplifting #girldad content and celebrating the way that Kobe had done a lot of positive work for women's sports, Shaq and Chuck sided with Marcus Morris.