'Inside the NBA' Does Goat Yoga During Halftime of Blazers - Bucks Thriller

Stephen Douglas

There were goats on the TNT hafltime show during Thursday's Milwaukee Bucks - Portland Trail Blazers game. No, not Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Goats goats. The animals. Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson even tried to do goat yoga.

This either proves that there is too much, or not enough sports. I mean, we've got a halftime show for a national broadcast of a professional basketball game and we've got goat yoga. Is it because nobody wants to talk about Carmelo Anthony scoring 10 first half points while his team trailed by double digits?

Maybe the NBA should consider a shortened schedule if this is what's happening during their marquee matchup for the week. You know the league has a problem when farm animals appear on more nationally televised games than Kawhi Leonard.

Then again, maybe this was a good get for the Inside the NBA gang. We'll know for sure if these goat handlers are on Kimmel next week. I wonder what they'll do on Carpool Karaoke.