Insane Cuban Baseball Brawl Features Player Swinging Bat Like a Video Game Weapon at Pitcher's Head

By Mike Cardillo
Crazy Cuban Brawl
Crazy Cuban Brawl / Baseball America

The Cuban Baseball League produced the craziest diamond brawl this side of Jose Offerman and Juan Marichal on Monday night. Baseball America has the full details on the brawl, which looks like something you’d see in a mid-90s side-scrolling arcade game.

Adding to the insanity, as BA details, the guy swinging the bat — Demis Valdes — wasn’t even in the game and came off the bench wielding the weapon. Major props to the bravery of pitcher Freddy Alvarez. Instead of running away at the sight of a charging lunatic with a bat he decided to throw his glove at the would-be assaulter. Alvarez then displays some quick agility (or luck) ducking under the swinging bat.

One can only imagine what would have happened if Valdes made contact with his home run-caliber swing.