Indianapolis Colts are the Most Painful Team to Watch in the NFL This Year

By Jason Lisk

The Wall Street Journal sought to put some objective qualifications on what makes a game painful to watch. The criteria included team ranks in shortest average pass, fewest big plays, big plays called back due to penalty, most rushes that didn’t gain any yards, most pre-snap penalties, most fair catches, most dropped passes, and most failed coaching challenges.

After combining all those, the verdict is out … the Indianapolis Colts have been the most painful team to watch. Congratulations, Colts fans.

Of course, if you took out the Coaching Challenge stat, then the Eagles jump to #1, and the Rams would be #2. As someone who watches a lot of bad football games, I can say that those teams certainly pass the eye test for being more painful to watch than the Colts–last Sunday night’s game notwithstanding.