Indiana's Trayce Jackson-Davis Posts Unhinged 'Fan Mail'

Ryan Phillips
Indiana v Rutgers
Indiana v Rutgers / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

Indiana All-American big man Trayce Jackson-Davis took to Twitter on Wednesday and posted a photo of a hand-written piece of mail he received. This "fan mail" was an unhinged rant from someone I'm going to assume believes they're a fan of the Hoosiers. In it this "fan" rips Jackson-Davis, his teammates and his coach. Jackson-Davis pointed out that letters like that are part of the reason so many athletes struggle with mental health issues.

The man, who identified himself as Tim Weaver, blasted Jackson-Davis' leadership -- and that of head coach Mike Woodson. He claims the Hoosiers celebrate after dunks and 3-pointers instead of getting back on defense, calls the team soft and said it seems the players don't care anymore. To top it off he calls Indiana's players "gutless quitters." I'm not going to reproduce the entire letter here -- mostly because I can't read most of the guy's chicken scratch handwriting -- but it's posted below attached to Jackson-Davis' tweet.

People like Tim Weaver are the worst. Fans who go out of their way to rip college kids are monumental losers who don't deserve to have sports in their lives. And, sadly, players across the country receive letters, emails and tweets like this constantly.

If you ever think it's a good idea to tweet at or send something to a college athlete in which you aren't praising them, stop yourself. Then start questioning the life choices that led you to this place.