Indiana Basketball Gets Super Sneaky, Thinks You Won't Notice

Kyle Koster
Andy Lyons/GettyImages

Mike Woodson's first year in Bloomington has had its moments as the Indiana Hoosiers have compiled a 10-3 record to this point and appear from every angle to be an NCAA Tournament team. They certainly would have liked to get off to a better start in Big Ten play though as yesterday's road defeat at the hands of Penn State dropped them to 1-2 in the conference.

The Nittany Lions shot 11-for-22 from three-point land to gut out a 61-58 victory. Indiana fans who only get their news from the team's official Twitter account may be blissfully unaware of this end result thanks to a new wrinkle in Final Score posting: simply obscuring the loss by making the other team's total nearly impossible to see.

One can imagine discussion around water coolers and Zoom waiting rooms this morning:

Hey did you see the game yesterday? Indiana scored 58 points.

Really? That's great. How many did Penn State score?

Sorry. That was redacted.

It's a strategy so brilliant and bold it just may work. No choice to respect it. Honestly wonder how many other team accounts have wanted to make an unfortunate result disappear into the ether like Marty McFly's family members in that picture. Only Indiana was brave enough to pull the trigger and usher in an existence where ascertaining the actual winner of a sporting event could be as difficult as getting political news without bias. In three or four years maybe every message board will be ignoring the actual scoreboard and constructing its own reality.

Looking forward to it.