Indiana Newspaper Headline Proclaims "Heat Cut Nuts" in Game 1

By Mike Cardillo

The Evansville Courier & Press went with this very painful-sounding sub-headline — “Heat Cut Nuts” — following Miami’s win over Brooklyn last night.

As someone who worked in newspapers for almost a decade, these kind of mistakes can happen. God only knows how much sleep I lost twisting and turning hoping I didn’t spell someone’s name wrong — was it Ally, Allie or Ali? (I’ll let you in on a secret, parents calling up to complain/yell at you for five interrupted minutes without taking a breath — even if you apologize profusely and run a correction — isn’t as fun as it sounds.)

Most times we all get a laugh and move on. I’ll applaud Courier & Press editor Ryan G. Reynolds for posting the picture on his Twitter, owning up to the mistake. Hey, at least the paper didn’t call “the Nuts” unreliable, right?

Perhaps the copy editor recently watched the classic Chevy Chase oeuvre Funny Farm and had “lamb fries” on the brain.

The biggest shame here is that Jay Leno is no longer around to make a joke about it, since Jimmy Fallon seems more concerned with “viral” celebrity lip sync contests.

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