Hoosiers Receiver Whop Philyor Has Perhaps the Greatest Name in Existence

Liam McKeone
Whop Philyor
Whop Philyor /

The Indiana Hoosiers have been having a good football season in 2020. They're ranked No. 13 in the country and are in the midst of beating down Jim Harbaugh and the No. 20 Michigan Wolverines. For a school with a rich history of success in basketball and not so much in football, there's reason for much excitement right now.

But enough about that. I am here today to bring you knowledge of one particular Hoosiers wideout. His name is Whop Philyor.

I strongly believe this is, in totality, the greatest name ever. "Whop" is as good of a nickname as anyone can find. Then you factor in the fact that this dude's first name is literally Mister. Mister Elias De'Angelo to those who don't know him. He got his nickname because he loves Whoppers. Who doesn't?

All in all, this kid is batting 1.000 out of the gate. You simply cannot fail when you're born with that name. My evidence is presented in the form of him playing college football and has 10 catches on the year for 173 yards and a TD. I really don't think it can get better than this, folks.

Whop Philyor, man.