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Indiana Cheerleaders Rescue Ball Stuck Above the Backboard During March Madness

Stephen Douglas

An Indiana Hoosiers cheerleader rescued a ball that became lodged above the backboard during the school's first round game against St. Mary's on Friday evening. During the second quarter a missed shot bounced up over the backboard and got stuck. Officials and players tried to get the ball down with no luck. The game might have never been completed had the Indiana cheerleaders been in attendance.

As announcers Andrew Catalon and Steve Lapas watched they commented on the various methods that were being tried. Eventually, Catalon suggested the cheerleaders get the ball, which is what ultimately worked.

Indiana v Saint Mary's
Indiana v Saint Mary's / Abbie Parr/GettyImages

This is what's great about March Madness. You just never know who will step up on the big stage.