Iman Shumpert Describes LeBron James' Perfect Basketball IQ

Stephen Douglas
Cleveland Cavaliers v Washington Wizards
Cleveland Cavaliers v Washington Wizards / G Fiume/Getty Images

Iman Shumpert played with LeBron James for just over two and a half seasons. Plus 58 playoff games and a championship. So count him among the players who got to experience James during a small portion of his ongoing peak which has now lasted more than a decade. Shumpert played with James after starting his career playing alongside Carmelo Anthony. To hear Shumpert describe the two players... well, it's as different as you imagined.

Carmelo took bad shots because he practiced them and was expected to and was prepared to take the blame. Meanwhile, LeBron knows everything. Literally everything about everything on and around a basketball court. Shumpert describes LeBron as close to a computer simulation as a human can be described. This will be LeBron's enduring legacy the way that Jordan's competitiveness defined him as a player.