Nobody is Sure What Happened on This Run By Illinois Punter Blake Hayes

Liam McKeone
Illinois fake punt
Illinois fake punt /

Illinois played Nebraska on Saturday in a thrilling midday Big Ten matchup that only those who truly love B1G football watched. The Cornhuskers, up 18 points in the early third quarter, decided to pull some trickery out of their back pockets and ran a fake punt. Maybe. I think that's what happened. Honestly, it's unclear.

Either way, Illinois punter Blake Hayes ran for a first down. I'll let you judge for yourself what happened.

I just.... don't know what happened here. Was it an intentional fake? What did he see across those miles of open space after the snap that caused him to hesitate? Why did he juke nobody five yards from the first down? Why?

Please contact me if you can figure out exactly what happened here. Because for the life of me I cannot even take a guess.