If You're Going to Get an Athletes' Face Tattooed on Yourself, It Should be Kawhi Leonard's

Bobby Burack

Some fans just can’t help themselves and decide to go out and get a tattoo of their favorite athlete’s face on their skin. While it’s usually a weird long-term choice, one fan has just sort of changed my mind on the idea. Some hardcore fan was rocking Kawhi Leonard’s face on his leg and there is no denying it looks pretty good. We must give in.

Perhaps it’s just because Leonard is the GOAT of NBA memes and everything he does cheers me up, but let’s be real, this is not a bad good look for the leg. You wear some black and red shorts with it, you are likely the most stylish person in any room you walk into. Unless, of course, you were in the same room as someone wearing a shirt with the Warriors new, advanced logo on it.

But I can’t stress this enough, if it’s not Leonard’s face, you have no chance of making this work. I researched. There is evidence.

LeBron James? Nope.

Not Michael Jordan, either.

Certainly not Tom Brady.

Okay, this James Harden one is pretty sweet.