If Jim Nantz Goes Silent on a Golf Broadcast, It May Be Because He's Choked Up

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Jim Nantz will have the opportunity to author a memorable call when a winner emerges at the PGA Championship on Sunday. Because he tries to punctuate every major with a quotable line, knowing that the footage will live on for decades, if not centuries. The longtime voice of CBS' golf coverage explained his process on The Press Box with Bryan Curtis.

Nantz also revealed that it's not uncommon for him to get emotional during broadcasts, to the point that he gets choked up and needs to lay out while regaining his composure.

"Sometimes that silence is generated by the fact that I'm so choked up and my voice, if I am going to speak, is going to be a quiver and people are going to maybe not only have a hard time understanding what I'm trying to say but wondering why am I so touched."

The entire interview is worth listening to as Nantz is more open than usual and hearing how he approaches the job, with that vulnerability, helps to understand how he does the job and explain those crucial punctuating calls and ambient sounds.