Iceland vs. England Drew 99.8 Percent TV Market Share In Iceland

By Ty Duffy

Iceland beat England yesterday, in one of the great tournament upsets in soccer history. According to AS, an incredible 99.8 percent of Icelandic TV viewers were turned into the match, a slight jump from the 98.5 percent who watched Iceland vs. Austria.

Using some admittedly rough calculations, there are about 98,000 TV sets in Iceland. About 8 percent of the population went to the tournament. If we factor in the population loss and presume every single TV set was turned on, we are talking a maximum of about 180 or so TV sets not watching that match.

Factoring in people watching the match with friends, at bars, or at public gatherings. People working. People who didn’t have their TVs turned on for whatever reason. We may be talking low double digits of Icelanders who were watching TV, but watching something else.

That begs a question: who are those people and what they heck were they watching?