Icelandic TV Contestant Tosses Podium, Storms Off Set in Midst of Broadcast


The latest edition of Icelandic television brought some excitement to the table as a contestant on popular quiz show Gettu betr got rather upset after losing a question. The man essentially rage-quit in real life, tossing his podium aside and hurling a glass before storming off set. It was quite something.

Apparently he continued his run of destruction after the fact and could be heard throwing various items of unknown nature as the show cut to commercial.

According to a Twitter user familiar with the nature of the show, this little tantrum was set off because the opposite team hit the buzzer and won the show just before the angry contestant's team managed to hit the buzzer.

To quote former goaltender Ilya Bryzagalov, why you have to be mad? Is only game!

UPDATE: As Twitter account I'm A Lectern pointed out, the contestant tossed his lectern, not his podium. We apologize for the error and promise to be better in the future.