Ice Cube Says LA Doesn't Want Clippers or Chargers


Ice Cube was a guest on “First Take” Tuesday and the long-time Los Angeles Lakers and Oakland Raiders fan had some advice for San Diego: Stop sending LA the teams you don’t want, because LA doesn’t want them either.

In case you didn’t catch that, Mr. Cube suggested that the Clippers should leave LA and head to Seattle. Then said the following:

“I mean, San Diego man, stop sending us the teams y’all don’t want. We don’t want them either … Clippers need to bounce and take the Chargers with you.”

I mean, he’s not wrong. The Los Angeles Clippers were a punchline for decades until David Stern gifted them Chris Paul (getting some lottery luck and landing Blake Griffin helped as well) and now the Los Angeles Chargers don’t have a fan base and are a national laughingstock.

Of course, San Diego never sent the Chargers to LA, Dean Spanos and his idiot sons did that all by themselves. And now they look like idiots. Not that that’s anything new, but still.