Ian Rapoport Stands By Trent Williams Report, Calls Agent's Statement 'False'

Liam McKeone
Ian Rapoport
Ian Rapoport /

After nearly a full year, the Trent Williams saga finally came to an end on the last day of the 2020 NFL Draft when Washington traded their disgruntled Pro Bowler to the San Francisco 49ers for a pair of draft picks. Earlier in the day, Ian Rapoport reported Washington had a trade in place with the Minnesota Vikings, but Williams nixed it.

Williams' agent released a statement denying that outright, and called it "false reporting."

Rapoport was not fazed. He checked back in with multiple sources, all of whom confirmed his original report. He went on NFL Network and said, without a doubt, that his report was accurate and it was in fact the agent's statement that was false.

Adam Schefter and Rapoport are 1A and 1B when it comes to NFL insider reporting, so if Rap adamantly stands behind this report, he has good reason to do so. Now, though, public posturing pays no dividends for Williams and his agent, who finally got what they wanted.