Ian Rapoport Suspended By NFL Network For Manscaped Advertisement

Ryan Phillips
Ian Rapoport
Ian Rapoport /

On Friday night, NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport abruptly announced he would be suspended until October 22.

Rapoport said he had posted something to his social channels without clearing it with his employer. The post in question was a video where Rapoport extolled the virtues of the Manscaped Lawn Mower, a male personal grooming tool.

Here is Rapoport's statement:

The New York Post's Andrew Marchand confirmed with sources that Rapoport's suspension was due to the Manscaped content. He also capped off the story with this line:

"While an NFL network spokesman declined comment, the trim job will keep Rapoport off air until later in October."

Impressive work there by Marchand.

Rapoport is a great reporter and regularly breaks big news but he's not exactly Don Draper when it comes to pitching things At the time, we questioned just why Rapoport would do an obvious advertisement on his social channels. The ad was a bit awkward, but he did manage to squeeze in the company's tag line: "the perfect tool for your family jewels." He also claimed he locked his trimmer in a drawer so his wife couldn't find it. Which was, you know, kind of odd.

He's going to be sidelined for a few weeks after that stunt, but he's lucky the network didn't clip him after that close shave with the line of decently -- alright I'm stopping now.