Ian Rapoport Locks Manscaping Tools in Drawer So His Wife Won't Steal It


On a daily basis, Ian Rapoport shares many things with the world. Information about the NFL and his love of dogs first come to mind, but when it comes to his manscaping tools, keep your filthy hands off of them. That's his razor and no one else better try and use it. That includes his wife.

Thanks to Jane Slater, we now know Rapoport is a spokesperson for Manscape Lawnmower, which is a razor for grooming the good ol', well, you know. The only issue? Rapoport has resorted to locking his tool in the drawer to prevent his wife from sneaking in and using it herself.

A few quotes that stand out:

"The perfect tools, for your family jewels."

"You don't want any nicks when you're cleaning up, you know, that area. "

"There's LED lights, so you can see everything that's going on down there. "

But, of course, this is the key quote.

"Here's a pro tip, put it in a drawer, lock it up. Keep her hands off it. "

So Rap keeps his manscaping tools under lock and key to ensure he's the only one who gets to use it. It's a bold move to keep anything from your wife, but when it comes Rapoport's family jewels, no one gets to use his tools.