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Syracuse-Area Bouncers Were No Match for Ian Eagle and His Fake IDs

Kyle Koster
St. John's v Georgetown
St. John's v Georgetown / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

Before he rose to the top of the broadcasting industry, Ian Eagle was just like any other college kid: singularly focused on obtaining a fake ID for entry into the very adult world of drinking at bars and purchasing booze at a gas station. He shared his renegade past with fellow Syracuse alum Adam Schein, presumably because the statute of limitations has passed. And it sure sounds like the bouncers and cashiers bopping around Central New York in the late 1980s weren't exactly known for their critical eye.

After using a New York ID from a different real person close enough in looks to get by, Eagle took the deception a step further by procuring a Pennsylvania state ID with the name Stacey Schwartz and the picture of Eric Stamps from Huntington Valley.

College, man. Supremely expensive but the only place to learn essential skills for life.

Now I need to know about every sports media member's law-breaking past. Deserves to be a running series.