I May Be Wrong, But Getting Beat Up While Working Out Doesn't Seem All That Great

Liam McKeone
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I am, by no means, a fitness freak. I went to the gym (when that was a safe thing to do) and did my best to keep in something resembling decent shape, but working out is not My Passion. So maybe I just don't get it, but this workout SportsCenter tweeted in the middle of the night last night just does not seem enjoyable or particularly beneficial.

The first workout isn't unusual at all. Pro athletes usually do something like that with resistance bands and running. But after that... I mean, they really just start beating the guy up with medicine balls! What muscle is being worked out by having two muscular men slam heavy, rotund objects onto your torso? Frankly, it just seems like a good way to get your rib cage caved in. Then there's trying to run on a fast treadmill while getting those same medicine balls thrown at you. A recipe for disaster. The quest to look swole is apparently fraught with danger.

With all due respect, I would simply rather not work out.