I'm Ready to Run Through a Brick Wall After This Little League Football Player's Pregame Speech

Kyle Koster

Motivation is paramount in sports and it starts with the internal motivation to put in the work and sacrifice required to be an elite athlete. It can also come from the media or other team in the form of bulletin-board material Or, in its purest and most spine-tingling form, it can come from a teammate or coach in an impassioned pregame speech.

And this guy right here may be small in stature, but his fire burns white-hot. Listen as he implores his teams to be Mavericks, leave it all out on the field, and any number of other vague hype-up go-tos. This is a masterclass. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to move heaven and earth for him. I'll follow him to war. I'll follow him anywhere. Jesus can take the wheel but this fella is the engine.

Also, to the haters out there saying "determinated" isn't a word ... you're absolutely correct. But you try reasoning with a little tyke who fancies a scenario where his 65-pound warriors walk into New England and beat the Patriots.

Sometimes it's best to just let kids dream.