I'm Old Enough to Remember When You Could Watch a Police Chase Without Being Hammered Over the Head With Stats

Kyle Koster

Call me old-fashioned or a Luddite or accuse me of stealing a personality from the tobacco-chewing A's scouts in Moneyball. But dammit, I'm old enough to remember when a person could just sit back and enjoy a police chase clip posted by Timothy Burke for its raw thrills and high tension. Then all these stats nerds got involved and had to attach unwieldy and oftentimes bewildering statistical elements into the coverage.

Flashing the Chasing Average, Pit Maneuver Completion Percentage, and Suspects Batted In across the screen is one thing. Using a demented version of StatCast or ProTracer or NextGen or NexterGen to track someone's footspeed is another.

And yet here we are.

Once upon a time we didn't need these bells and whistles. Doing the mental math and eyeball calculations to constantly assess just how close the chase was or was not used to be part of the fun.

I mean, what's next? What's the next illogical progression here?

One channel glorifying the usually unnecessary risk of civilian collateral and another doing all that same stuff but with a focus on the analytics? Sure hope not. Certain things should be sacred, and only about the love of the game.