Hunter Pence Bro-tastic Bobblehead Features Scooter, Shades & Meticulously Groomed Beard

By Mike Cardillo

Hunter Pence will have his very own bobblehead during a San Francisco Giants game in 2014. It’s one the more elaborate (and totally chill, bro) bobbleheads on the market, featuring a scooter, sunglasses, jeans, backpack and a perfectly groomed stubble-beard.

Expect Giants fans to start camping outside AT&T Park sometime around April 14 to get in line for one of these sure-fire collector’s items. Pro tip: work on your hand-to-hand combat skills if you plan to attend the game they give these away since eBay collector’s probably won’t think twice about punching you in the face to acquire this Pence doll.

That would be totally unchill.