Hulk Scored From Way, Waaaaay Downtown vs. Sevilla in the Europa League

By Mike Cardillo

Hulk, whom you may or may not remember playing for Brazil at the World Cup last summer, is soccer’s mad bomber. There literally isn’t a shot he won’t attempt.

Thursday, in the second leg of the Zenit St. Petersburg-Sevilla Europa League quarterfinal, Hulk caught Sevilla keeper Beto off his line and attempt this insane shot from distance. Not only was it long range, but from the right side of the field. Lo and behold the lob shot beat Beto on the first attempt an went over the line. (Jose Rondon tapped it in for good measure).

The goal tied the aggregate score at 3-3 with about 20 minutes to play.

How do you score from this spot on the field in open play? Wow.

Naturally the goal will end up a footnote thanks to Kevin Gameiro’s goal in the 85th minute that will put the defending champions, Sevilla, through to the semis.