Hugh Freeze Curious About 'Enormous' Amount of Long Commercial Breaks During The Open Championship

NBC Sports' presentation of The Open Championship generates a conversation.

Ross Kinnaird/GettyImages

NBC did not draw rave reviews for their U.S. Open presentation as casuals came into contact with a confounding broadcast strategy that does not prioritize showing as many shots as possible. It's impossible not for true golf fans to notice the difference compared to other networks operating coverage. But we'd like to stay positive and believe they'll do much better with the presentation of The Open Championship. For one, it's an infinitely more compelling venue with actual human beings on-site to provide emotion. Then there's the fact that Mike Tirico, who was noticeably absent in Los Angeles last month, has returned to his usual anchor chair and he's one of, if not the best in the business.

We're about six hours into USA's coverage and it's been pretty standard for a Peacock-produced affair yet we'll all survive. We think. Check back in a few days. Because when you've lost Hugh Freeze, you're in danger of losing the general public.

The chronically embattled coach rose before the sun to watch fashion icon Tommy Fleetwood try to win on his home soil and found the commercial load to be a bit overwhelming.

Hang in there, Hugh. Hang in there, everyone. Much like navigating around Royal Liverpool, patience is essential.