Hubert Davis' 'It's Live Action Tracy!' Will Live Forever

Stephen Douglas
North Carolina v Kansas
North Carolina v Kansas / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Hubert Davis was fired up during the first half of the NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship Game. The North Carolina Tar Heels first year coach was extremely animated on the sideline as his team went from down early to up 15 going into halftime. Davis spoke with Tracy Wolfson during a first half timeout just as Carolina was turning the game around and interview will live forever. Especially if the Tar Heels win.

Wolfson couldn't even finish her question before Davis started shouting about what a fun game it was.

"It's live action, Tracy! It's live action out there! I thought we were nervous at the beginning, but then we started to settle in. We got better defensively. Now we're attacking the basket. We're ready to go!"

Carolina sure seems like they found a worthy successor to their previous legendary coaches.