Chris "Mad Dog" Russo Finds It Hard to Believe Tom Brady Isn't Having Sex

Kyle Koster
Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo continued his impressive streak of being ubiquitous across all platforms by appearing on Howard Stern this morning, where the shock jock endeavored to get answers to the most pressing sports questions. Like "is Tom Brady still having sex post-divorce?" Stern figured Russo would be privy to this information because the best quarterback of all time has a show on Mad Dog Radio.

"Is Tom Brady a good looking guy and is he the best quarterback of all time," Russo asked. "We all know he had a wonderful wife, very attractive. You mean to tell me right now that Tom Brady, I understand he wants to study football 24-7 but the Bucs are having a lousy year. They've only scored 17 points a game offensively. That's nothing. The Giants score more than that. Do you mean to tell me that Tom Brady is going sexless in the last 18-19 weeks? I would find that hard to believe. That sound good?"

You ask the Mad Dog a question, he's going to provide an answer. Even if that answer means means he becomes the first person to base someone else's sex-having-ness on sorting the team scoring category on There's a reason this guy is at the top of his industry after all these years and it's not his ability to say "I don't know."