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Howard Stern Calls Kyrie Irving a 'Douchebag' and 'F--king Moron'

Stephen Douglas
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Howard Stern, exercising his right to free speech, called Kyrie Irving a "douchebag" and "moron" during his show yesterday. Stern played a few clips of the suspended Brooklyn Nets star and called him out for his hypocricy in promoting the anti-Semitic book and then refusing to discuss it. He also went back in time and played the old flat Earth clip.

(Video via Awful Announcing.)

Add Stern to the list of high profile media members who are not on Irving's side along with Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, Stephen A. Smith, Reggie Miller and the Inside the NBA crew. It seems like it takes quite an effort for a professional athlete to get on Stern's radar so Kyrie will be happy to know that he is indeed inspiring people to question things. Mostly what Kyrie is thinking, but people are definitely asking questions.