Howard Stern Extends Agreement at SiriusXM for Five More Years

Kyle Koster
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After leaving listeners with quite a cliffhanger in regards to his future, the King of All Media finally provided an answer as to his plans this morning. Howard Stern, despite dipping his toe in the waters of change, has extended his agreement with SiriusXM for the next five years.

The morning man will broadcast exclusively on the platform, which retains his archive.

"Fifteen years ago, I joined SiriusXM, a fledgling group of broadcasters," Stern said in a statement.  "I had been in a toxic relationship with terrestrial radio.  And no matter how well I treated the medium, no matter how successful I made them, they abused me.  Going to SiriusXM liberated me.  I felt like Tina Turner freeing myself from Ike. And despite the naysayers and the ridicule, we have persevered, and are thriving.  I've been proven right about satellite radio over and over again.  With this contract renewal, I can't wait to see what else I'll be right about.  Certainly, I have a lot more to say about Metamucil crackers and stepmom porn.  Plus, now that I can work from home, I simply don't have an excuse to quit."

That sounds more like a threat than a promise.

Stern opting to stay in the game at the same position is not a surprise. For all Stern's legacy as a disruptor and a wildcard, he has become a lovable creature of habit through the years. Making a change now, under these unprecedented conditions, always seemed unlikely.

Suitors like Spotify didn't make sense considering Stern's profound love of live radio. Keeping him under contract makes all the sense in the world for SiriusXM because, whatever they're paying, he's worth every penny.

Now we wait to see just how much that is.