'How To with John Wilson' Season 2 Trailer Appropriately Weird, Awesome

Kyle Koster

We stumbled on How to With John Wilson in a quaint way. Clicking through channels one night last fall, paralyzingly routine snippets of people living their every day life over quirky narration flashed one after another. It felt the same way it did to discover Jackass all those years ago: an overwhelming dual rush of what the hell is this and where has it been all my life?

The HBO series was rightly heralded for its groundbreaking work being both extremely weird and extremely magnificent. Fans rejoiced when it was renewed for a second season, allowing a deeper dive into a brain meriting intense dissection and hours upon hours of seemingly random footage pieced together to create delightfully weird tapestry.

Fittingly, the trailer for the upcoming year doesn't make much sense and won't until it's seen in context. Wilson is going to talk to some interesting people and film some people who have no idea they're interesting. And it's going to be like nothing else on television.

Season two of How To with John Wilson debuts November 26. It is not to be missed.