How Could Tom Brady Never Have Eaten a Strawberry if Gisele Eats Strawberry Parfaits Every Day?

Stephen Douglas

Tom Brady was the focus of an article in NY Mag’s The Cut today. One part of the story in particular has captured the attention of the Internet is the fact that he’s never eaten a strawberry. Via The Cut:

"“I’ve never eaten a strawberry in my life. I have no desire to do that.” Never? “Absolutely not.”"

Odd, but if you Google “Tom Brady strawberry,” you’ll find some stories that link back to this piece from in January of this year. It’s an interview with Brady and Gisele’s personal chef at their home in Costa Rica since 2010, Joanne Gerrard Young. In it, she shares the recipe for one of Gisele’s favorite desserts, which she lists as part of a typical day’s worth of meals for the couple – a coconut strawberry parfait. Via

"A typical day’s worth of meals with Young in the kitchen might include two glasses of room temperature water (or a lemon and cayenne water), a super food green smoothie, fresh almond milk (Young germinates all her own nuts), chlorophyll tea with burdock root, green salad with pizza crackers and probiotic nut cheese, fresh fish, black rice – and a coconut strawberry parfait."

You mean to tell me that Gisele eats a fresh coconut strawberry parfait every single day and not one time in the last 6 years Gisele has ever made him try it? Tom Brady has sat across from this dessert for years and never once taken a single bite? This seems like a dubious claim.

One has to wonder if there is anything else Tom Brady might have possibly denied doing.