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'House of the Dragon': The Green Council Recap

Stephen Douglas

House of the Dragon reached its penultimate episode this week. Over the last few weeks the series has finally solidified its cast, picked a timeline and settled in for some good old fashioned Game of Thrones-ing. With Liam McKeone out for a second straight Monday, Stephen Douglas turned to Kyle Koster ask some predetermined questions on the latest episode on The Big Stream.

'The Green Council' started with the news of the death of King Viserys. From there the titular council gathered to plan to steal the crown, to the surprise of Queen Alicent. She and her Hand father had a contest to see who could find the future king who was locked away safely by the White Worm, who may have been killed in a fire before the episode was over.

This all set up the emergence of Rhaenys Targaryen and her dragon into contention for... well, the whole damn thing maybe. Rhaenys started the episode locked in her room and ended it flying off on a pretty badass looking dragon after killing a bunch of peasants and staring down the royal family.

The show is in a really good place heading into the finale and what is supposed to be three more seasons. The podcasts will continue until morale improves.