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'House Of The Dragon' Episode 6: 10 Years Later

Liam McKeone
Courtesy of HBO
Courtesy of HBO /

0:30-6:25: The time jump and all that comes with it. What did we like? What didn't we like? Was it executed well? Could it have been done differently? Was it even necessary?

6:25-9:15: Breaking down significant events from Episode 6 that lost a lot of meaning due to the time jump. Difficult to establish any emotional attachment to characters and things that happen to them.

9:15-13:50: The kids. They are weird! Great episode for boiling eggs and dragons. Aegon is the new Joffrey for the audience. Viserys just likes to see everyone try and get along.

13:50-:18:10: Kind of feels like we just started a brand-new show, right? Alicent has become very Cersei-esque, but not a total clone. Aegon is the most interesting plotline remaining as it stands.

18:10-21:10: The disjointed timeline makes it even more difficult to keep track of who everybody is, and not in a fun way. Larys Strong did not age at all in a decade but could make the show fun. Tough to get reinvested after several time jump resets. It isn't like The Crown.

21:10-27:19: Final thoughts and ratings for Episode 6. Criston Cole stays the Drama King of Westeros.

Liam McKeone and Stephen Douglas team up yet again to break down this week's episode of House Of The Dragon on HBO. The showrunners boldly decided to put a 10-year time jump in the middle of the first season, marking a mini reset of sorts for all the characters and the audience. Liam and Stephen break down what they liked and did not like about the time jump, as well as the various new threads that it created in Westeros. The two worry the show is on the fast track to mediocrity and hope to be proven wrong sooner rather than later.