'House Of The Dragon' Episode 3 Review: Discussing the Big Time Jump And a Plea For More Seafood-Based Villainy

Liam McKeone
Courtesy of HBO
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0:30-7:45: How much we did or did not like the three-year time jump from the end of Ep. 2 to the start of Ep. 3. The concept of show vs. tell in GoT rises again, with HoTD doing a whole lot more telling. Not the best way to get the audience engaged, even if it helps accelerate the sequence of events.

7:45-14:00: Discussing the first Big Battle of the show. Prince Daemon's redemption arc is coming a bit early and how on earth did he dodge all those arrows? Rickon must be pissed. What happens next after this undeserved fight scene?

14:00-18:15: The hunt! But this time, it's a lot different than when Robert Baratheon was in charge. What does the white hart mean? What was the purpose of this hunt?

Who will Rhaenyra marry? Who is the leader in the clubhouse? Probably not a Lannister. How about.. Daemon?

This episode raised more questions than answers in regards to how everything will play out. Are we more or less confident that it will be good? Giving out final ratings in the form of dragon teeth.

The battle for the Iron Throne is starting to heat up. We think? It's hard to tell with all the time passing. Liam McKeone and Stephen Douglas took time out of their holiday weekend to zero in on House Of The Dragon Episode 3 and discussed it on Monday. Topics include the (few) pros and (many) cons of aggressively utilizing time jumps between episodes to accelerate plot development, how this week's big hunt compared to the first way back in Season 1 of GoT, and who Rhaenyra could end up marrying to strengthen her claim to the throne. Also, we need more seafood-based enemies. In everything.