Horrific Northwestern-Georgetown Basketball Footage Not Suitable For Any Audience

Porter Binks/GettyImages

Both Chris Collins and Patrick Ewing are hoping for bigger and better things this year. Their Northwestern Wildcats and Georgetown Hoyas are coming off empty campaigns and will meet tremenedous resistence in league play. So last night's non-conference tilt was an opportunity to notch a meaningful win. Eventually, Northwestern was able to do that. But not before a 21-second sequence that cannot legally be described as basketball.

Like a New York City club being plugged by Stefon, this clip has a bit of everything. All the elements of your local lunchtime pickup run are on display: ill-advised passing, buttery fingers, a scrappy white guy diving on the floor, frenetic end-to-end action that fails to yield a single field-goal attempt.

But there's no need to be mean. These are student-athletes after all. Everyone on the court was trying super-hard and having fun and that's all that matters, right?

Not everyone answer at once.