Horrific Warriors-Cavs Basketball Footage Not Suitable For Any Audience

Kyle Koster
Jason Miller/GettyImages

The Golden State Warriors played Cleveland Cavaliers last night. Technically. The Warriors' win will be counted in the standings and used to determine playoff seeding in both of the conferences even though most of the best players did not suit up. Christmas was retroactively ruined.

Absent the All-Stars and other marquee names, the quality of action suffered. One would expect that. But one would never expect it to get this bad. Below is 82 consecutive seconds of basketball footage that should either be burned or placed in that huge storage facility at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Please make sure there are no children in the room (or any adjoining rooms) before pressing play.

Kudos to the analyst who offered up that "they're playing hard." Top-level spin and positivity there that simply must be respected.

One could see the exact type of thing at a Friday lunch run in Omaha between especially energetic insurance adjusters. And honestly, that's great. Every once in a while we should be reminded how easy and beautiful the professionals make it look an overwhelming majority of the time.