Holly Sonders and 'Vegas Dave' are Engaged

Stephen Douglas
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Professional sports bettor Dave Oancea, a.k.a. "Vegas Dave," proposed to Holly Sonders on the beach today and she said yes. The bettor and the former Fox Sports personality and have been together for a short time according to Page Six. You wouldn't know it from their social media which is hot and heavy according to an old episode of Seinfeld.

It seems like just yesterday this couple was touting Dave's picks and hitting up strip clubs together, but it was actually about two weeks ago. It was just three days ago when Sonders was posting more pictures of herself and Dave looking happy for the haters.

And it's been four days since they were last seen with a giant bottle of champagne, so it is unclear what they could possibly do to celebrate their engagement.

Anyway, congrats to the couple. And good luck with the picks because weddings can get expensive!