Holly Sonders Agrees to Escort Amateur Golfer to Prom

Stephen Douglas

Holly Sonders was asked to prom by a 16-year old. It seems this is a daily occurrence for all famous women, but over the weekend Sonders, the Fox Sports golf personality, agreed to be one of the few to actually say yes. Andrew Orischak, an amateur golfer, bet Sonders that if he won the U.S. Junior Amateur over the weekend, she would have to take him to prom. He lost, but she still agreed.

She tweeted that she would go to the 2015 prom, which has already happened. So this is either a misunderstanding, a typo, or Holly Sonders owns a time machine. Golf Digest got a statement from Sonders:

"So, next spring we’ll go to his prom if he wants me to be his date. I’ll need a dress. And you better believe my Fox crew will be involved. They’re fighting over who can be the chaperone, our driver, photographer, etc. We’re all about bringing fun to golf."

Sonders’ husband, Erik Kuselias, has about a year to decide on a curfew. [via Island PacketGolf]