Holly Rowe Tells NCAA Tournament Viewers to Normalize Working Mothers Like Arizona's Adia Barnes

Adia Barnes and the Arizona staff at the Final Four.
Adia Barnes and the Arizona staff at the Final Four. / Elsa/Getty Images

Adia Barnes coached the Arizona Wildcats in their first ever NCAA women's basketball tournament final on Sunday. During the third quarter Rowe told viewers that Barnes was late coming out on the floor during halftime because she was in the lockerroom pumping breast milk for her six-month-old. If that is too much information for you, Rowe said, "Let's normalize working mothers and all that they have to do to make it all happen."

As many said, right on, Holly Rowe.

So not only does Barnes have Arizona on a historic run, she's doing it with two little kids traveling with the team, which is awesome, but probably extra stressful during the pandemic.

Barnes' husband, Salvo Coppa, is an assistant on on the Arizona staff. They also have a five-year-old named Matteo. Whatever happens during the final, what an incredible story.